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Office Table or gaming desk? The top 5 characteristics of a decent gaming desk

Office Table or gaming desk The top 5 characteristics of a decent gaming desk

After all, that’s where everything happens. But can a gaming desk make a difference when it comes to gaming? In this article, we’ll explore the differences between any desk and a gaming desk, and explain the 5 most important features you should look for when buying one. As we can see, the ideas for a gaming desk are limitless. But all that glitter doesn’t always translate to more damage, as we all know. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at what makes a good gaming desk over Office Table

Gaming Desk or Home Office: What’s the Difference?

Computer desks, office desks, home office desks and gaming desks, aren’t they all the same? Where is the difference to be made here? A good desk must bring you comfort and not harm your health, that is, it must be convenient. Computer desks and corner desks are mainly used to store documents, creating more space and order. They include drawers and compartments and come in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Ideally, a gaming desktop meets two important requirements:

To assist you during gaming, especially in terms of ergonomics and comfort. It is for this reason that desk manufacturers offer height-adjustable desks and desks with special desk top shapes on the market.

To perfectly match your gaming setup, gaming desks also stand out from conventional desks, often in terms of design and color choice. Ideally, you have several customization options to choose from.

Of course, there are also ergonomic office desks. However, here, office furniture manufacturers either compromise on the quality and functionality of the desk or charge high prices. In fact, they are aimed at offices or companies with corresponding budgets.

The top 5 criteria to consider when choosing a gaming workstation.


The aesthetic of the gamer workstation comes first. You should not scrimp on space since a table takes up a lot of area in a room. You must choose if you want to be more minimalist or make a statement, that is, whether you want your table to appear eye-catching and “scream gaming.” Do you have a dedicated gaming space or area? Then perhaps a flashy model will fit in. Do you use your home office or the living room table? Then choose something stealthier.


How much space do you need on your desk? Is one screen enough or are you using three? Gaming desks shouldn’t be too small because your computer, monitor, and pro gamer mousepad can take up a lot of space. The size of a gaming desk is of course subjective. In our eyes, a Gaming Chair or table is considered large from 160 cm. The two monitors are larger and depending on the size, a PC can be placed there without any problem. With three screens or a streaming setup, it should be a 180cm gaming desk.

Height Adjustability

Height-adjustable gaming desks can certainly be an option to better tailor the desk to one’s needs and demonstrate concern for health and ergonomics when gaming. As we all know, if you stay healthy longer, you’ll play better for longer. Seat height is an important factor in creating comfort and convenience. The optimal desk height depends on your height as well as your sitting preference when gaming. Most desks have a standard height of 72cm and are therefore only suitable to a limited extent. For example, if you are 173 cm tall, the ideal desk height is 68 cm. You can find more recommendations in our “Optimal desk height” article.

Material Quality

In principle, it is important that the table top is made of durable material, such as hard plastic or, even better, wood. For wooden gaming tables, it is necessary to distinguish whether the top is made of particle board or wood fiber. The latter is much more stable than chipboard in its “MDF” (Medium Density Fiberboard) version. Glass tables look beautiful but they are not practical. They are not very stable and will not forgive you many tantrums. Finally, you can also find some models with a carbon look. In most cases, this is a chipboard top with a carbon-looking plastic trim. 


In addition to having a stylish design, the ideal gaming table should also be sturdy, resilient, and ergonomic. In turn, the design is a question of preference and also heavily depends on how the rest of your setup and room look. It is advised to employ a variety of accessories and cable management that is carefully thought out for a neat gaming setup.

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